Mission and values

Our mission

A significant part of daily life today takes place on the Internet. Borders between what we used to call the ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ world have faded. We live, publish, share, buy and sell on the internet. It affects our environment as many stores and offices disappear from the streets and are replaced by online representations. Common practice these days; internet changes our lives and the world we live in rapidly, and permanently.

Core business practices and values, however, do not change as fast. We still expect online representations to be as trustworthy as the shop in the street, yet there is more news everyday of criminal organizations committing fraud against businesses and consumers. DDoS attacks, phishing, malware and fraudulent invoices disturb society and economies every day.  That is not what internet was designed for; thus, we are committed to support you making strength your state of information security delivering safe ICT.

Trust is fundamental in dynamic and challenging times. Our mission is to contribute to the trust that people and companies have in e-banking. We do so by supplying superior solutions and products, that make a major contribution to the safety of transaction processes. Findect Preclude is the tool for financial institutions to minimize the financial risk on online banking.

Our values

Our core values are honesty, fairness and respect which are also reflected in our mission. We only maintain the highest standards so that we can always bring the best service and true solutions to our customers. We have confidence and faith in the ability of the right people to work together to reach a high goal.

Time and distance are minor factors, we consider shared interests, values and goals to be decisive factors to make a difference. And to be what we want to be, we thrive when collaborating with people who share these values too. We attach more importance to individual qualities and personality than to experience.

We gather extra-ordinary people with exceptional qualities, who think different but respect the same. We cooperate, learn, share and improve to make the best solutions, And be a firm of people who want to make a difference.

Please feel free to contact us if our mission appeals to you and are driven to to make a difference.

Defeating payments fraud

The solution: Preclude

101-Factory and Findect delivers state-of-the-art bank fraud detection and prevention to defeat financial cybercrime at financial institutions, via a new and innovative approach.‘Process only what you trust’ is our core principle with which we have implemented a unique, intelligent customer profiling methodology as one of the core techniques of Findect’s financial fraud detection engine – Preclude

Preclude: prevent from happening or make impossible. Thats exactly what Findect’s Preclude does.

The appliance can be connected to any electronic channel or within the transactional processing within a bank to perform real-time, inline customer behavior and risk profiling. Depending on your needs and it’s flexibility, near real-time or batch wise scoring is also possible.

By collecting transactional data and processing with ultra-fast data mining, Findect delivers a very high detection rate with very low false positives.

There are no specific electronic channel application dependencies to interfere with the day-to-day business or future developments.

Using machine learning techniques, the self-balanced system is enhanced with every transaction: minimizing thresholds, reducing losses and lowering the organizational impact.

The high performance and reliable architecture is complemented with a customizable dashboard or can be integrated into existing dashboards and workflow’s.

Findect’s Preclude is a secure and robust and complies with all international financial industry, security standards and best-practices.

infographic - Preclude financial fraud detection Preclude financial fraud detection .


Henk Bronk is an experienced and seasoned manager in ICT Security, Information Security, CSIRT, CISO and has a strong organisational and technology background with a security focus. As former CISO at a large telecom operator and former lead architect fraud prevention with a large Dutch bank, he has a strong background and hands on experience in cybercrime prevention, ICT security and CSIRT.

We share our knowledge and help organisations to organise and act and improve on information security topics.
We support our customers with understanding and implementing Security, -management, -processes and Security-products in a natural way. This way it becomes a company asset and something that can be self-maintained by the customer for an optimal accurate up-to-date Secure environment.

Findect – Preclude:
Due to the lessons learned from fighting cybercrime attacks for five years in a row it was time to enable other banks too to stop financial losses from phishing and malware attacks. He started Findect with a radical new approach in fraud detection and cybercrime prevention.


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